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Mar 20, 2011 5:30pm PDT
all over the pay area. anne mackovic tells us? you want to celebrate the death of an 150-year-old oak tree. >> reporter: a degree that broke this tech railing and ripping out a gas line that service israelised the house. >> lots of leaves fall on the house. >> reporter: in san francisco it was a man-made wonder that took a fall with the wind whipping. this sign came off of this building overnight landing on oh ferrell street near union square. >> i went to the window, everybody was running across the way. >> luckily no one was hurt. a street fell onto a car on k czar at lincoln avenue just after midnight w the ground saturated we could be seeing a lot more tree damage this week. >> it's good in one sense because we're getting a lot more rain. bad in another in that it hasn't slid down. i would expect to see a lot of trees falling in the next couple days here. >> reporter: and more rain falling. but hopefully not to the level that caused this flooding on the 380 on-ramp from 101. or the power outages caused by falling trees and lines. today thousands of people weather out of power acro
Mar 13, 2011 5:30pm PDT
cars, there is a giant crane being used to try to move those cars off the track. it isn't a very quick process, and the repairs could last into night. >> a ten-car train heading to san francisco international airport just left the concord station. it's a slow speed derailment. passengers said it was a bumpy ride that got scary. >> it just started shaking back and forth, moving around. it felt like we were going over stuff. one of the ladies sitting next to me said, i don't think we should be move right now and that's when we all started panicking. >> reporter: there's significant track damage. workers are looking at whether work being done near the station may have caused the derailment. >> this is the first train to -- and when it was the -- that's when this slow speed derailment happened. >> reporter: bart says police happened to be on the platform when the accident happened. >> we moved down a few cars and then we had to climb down a ladder sort of thing and down a hill. >> there will be no service between pleasant hill and pittsburg bay point stations until further notice. >> anybo
Mar 6, 2011 5:30pm PST
oakland $3.89. inez pere ray on the drastic murder that may be used to combat the gas prices. >> gas prices are pumping up. >> it's outrageous. >> reporter: the average price of regular gas jumped 33 cents per balloon in the past two weeks. that's the second biggest increase in two weeks on record. nation-wide the average price has soared to $3.51 per gallon according to the lundberg survey and oil is selling for more than $100 a barrel. lawyer james macmillan says he drives often to see clients. >> it makes it difficult for the working man to get back and forth between the city and new jersey and to move around. >> reporter: analysts say there are a couple of reasons for the sudden increase. the unrest for the middle east, where most of the oil is produced, and the larger demand. >> reporter: they say there's all considerations even tapping nhs to the country's reserves. >> all has to be on the table. >> reporter: many senate democrats would support the rare draw-down of the reserve but republican senator lamar alexander says it's not the right approach. >> what we need to do is fin
Mar 27, 2011 5:30pm PDT
found any other devices. we're getting lots of calls from folks who are telling us -- well, a lot of media calls asking about multiple devices and multiple explosions. at that point, there's only been one injury and we don't know of any other devices at this time. >> reporter: police lines remain you up and people remain out of their homes. >> hard to believe a device small enough to be hidden in a newspaper could do so much imagine. >>> the newspaper felt very heavy. so i don't know if the injured man told the officer that or not, but i suppose if you picked up a newspaper and it felt heavy, you could expect it had a bomb in it. >>> a state of emergency has been declared. business owners are cleaning up and wondering how they're going to pay for the damage. >> the sound of industrial vacuums replaces the sound of rushing water that was here yesterday. a second flood in two days turned streets into rivers. it came from a culvert created when the pipes blew on thursday. >> it's a sad situation. >> reporter: richard lived across the street from these home, all either yellow or red tagg
Mar 12, 2011 5:30pm PST
amazing and will give us confidence going into the tournament. >> watching arizona try and win the men's pac-10 title with less than 10 seconds washington down 3, thomas kicking it out for the game-tying three now to overtime. tying the game. but washington had one final chance. >> thomas. crossover. setback. >> 28 points for isaiah thomas. washington wins the pac-10 tournament beating arizona 77- 75 in overtime. >>> ivy league championship harvard up one against princeton with 2 seconds left. >> looking inside. goes out. here is davis. davis for the win. he does it. going to the ncaa tournament. >> the tigers are dancing. hopefully the guy in the orange suit is a mascot. they beat harvard 63-62 and of course tomorrow's selection sunday 3:00 p.m. here on cbs5. >> start after good season. can't wait. >> thank you, kim. >> sure. >>> so imagine watching a tragedy in your hometown from thousands of miles away. we will hear from someone from japan who was in the bay area when the earthquake struck and could not reach loved ones back home. that's coming up on eyewitness news at 6:30 p.m.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5